"No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar"

By Mark A. Smith & Wade Sokolosky

  • Release Date: 2017-02-15
  • Genre: United States


“Smith and Sokolsky have firmly established themselves within the highest echelon of 1865 Carolinas Campaign historians.” —Civil War Books and Authors
Gen. William T. Sherman’s 1865 Carolinas Campaign receives scant attention from most Civil War historians. Career military officers Mark A. Smith and Wade Sokolosky rectify this oversight with “No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar, a careful and impartial examination of Sherman’s army and its many accomplishments.
The authors focus on the overlooked run-up to the seminal Battle of Bentonville. They begin on March 11, 1865, with the capture of Fayetteville and the demolition of the arsenal there, before chronicling the two-day Battle of Averasboro in more detail than any other study. At Averasboro, Lt. Gen. William J. Hardee’s Confederates conducted a well planned and brilliantly executed defense-in-depth that held Sherman’s juggernaut in check for two days. With his objective accomplished, Hardee disengaged and marched to concentrate his corps with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston for what would become Bentonville.
This completely revised and updated edition of “No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar” is based upon extensive archival and firsthand research. It includes new original maps, orders of battle, abundant illustrations, and a detailed driving and walking tour for dedicated battlefield enthusiasts. Readers with an interest in the Carolinas, Generals Sherman and Johnston, or the Civil War in general will enjoy this book.
“Smith and Sokolosky are military historians with a particular interest in what happened in the Carolina States. What they bring to the table regarding Sherman and Johnston is remarkable, a revelation.” —Books Monthly