The Not-So-Perfect Princess - Melissa McClone

The Not-So-Perfect Princess

By Melissa McClone

  • Release Date: 2019-07-11
  • Genre: Contemporary


Duty requires her to marry—but she's having second thoughts.

Princess Julianna dreams of marrying for love, but no one cares what she wants. The future of her kingdom—and countrywomen—depends on her arranged marriage. Too bad, her intended's brother is the one who captures her interest with his good looks and sailing skills. She'll just have to push aside her attraction and do what's right for everyone else, if not for herself…

Prince Alejandro wants nothing more than to relinquish his title. He can't wait for his older brother to marry and have a child. That is, until he meets the beautiful princess destined to be his country's future queen. Julianna holds the key to his freedom, yet he recognizes a kindred spirit—someone trapped by the demands of being royalty—and finds her utterly irresistible.

Knowing the royal wedding must occur for the sake of their countries doesn't stop them from wanting to be together. A happy ending could be theirs if they are willing to accept the consequences of following their hearts. Will duty or love reign supreme?

Her Royal Duty series:Book 1: The Reluctant PrincessBook 2: The Not-So-Perfect PrincessBook 3: The Proper Princess


  • Not so Perfect Princess!!

    By Jbean168
    This was a sweet, fun story of a princess torn between duty and love. I was rooting for Prince Alejandro throughout the whole story and was VERY happy when him and Jules realized love is more important than any kind of duty you think you have to do. I loved that Jules finally found her voice and finally stopped letting the men in her life control her. I also loved that she could command that sailboat as good as any man. Great story!!